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Catherine of Siena: the creation of a cult

Catherine of Siena: the creation of a cult
Feldname Details
Art des Inhalts Aufsatzsammlung
Name Hamburger, Jeffrey F. ¬[HerausgeberIn]¬
Signori, Gabriela ¬[HerausgeberIn]¬
Katharina <von Siena, Heilige> ¬[ErwähnteR]¬
T I T E L Catherine of Siena
Zusatz zum Titel the creation of a cult
Verfasserangabe edited by Jeffrey F. Hamburger and Gabriela Signori
Erscheinungsort Turnhout
Verlag Brepols
Ort/Verlag $c© 2013
Erscheinungsjahr [2013]
Umfang ix, 338 Seiten : Illustrationen
Serie Medieval women
Band volume 13
Notiz / Fußnoten Literaturangaben
ISBN ISBN 2-503-54415-0
ISBN 978-2-503-54415-1
Signatur gsv 743:k11/h15
Kurzbeschreibung Focusing on the critical case of Catherine of Siena, the essays in this volume consider the role of texts, translations and images in various media in constructing and disseminating the cult of a saint in the late Middle Ages. How does one construct a saint and promote a cult beyond the immediate community in which he or she lived? Italian mendicants had accumulated a good deal of experience in dealing with this politically explosive question. The posthumous description of the life of Francis of Assisi written by the Master General of the order, Bonaventura, could be regarded as paradigmatic in this regard. A similarly massive intervention in the production and diffusion of a cult can be observed in the case of the Dominican tertiary, Catherine of Siena, who in many respects 'competed' with Francis of Assisi. Raymund of Capua, the Master General of the order, established the foundation for the dissemination of the cult by writing the authoritative life, but, but it was only the following generation that succeeded in establishing the cult
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