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Aristotle's Physics book I: a systematic exploration

Aristotle's Physics book I: a systematic exploration
Feldname Details
Art des Inhalts Konferenzschrift
Name Aristoteles
Quarantotto, Diana ¬[HerausgeberIn]¬
Originaltitel Physica 1
T I T E L Aristotle's Physics book I
Zusatz zum Titel a systematic exploration
Verfasserangabe edited by Diana Quarantotto
Erscheinungsort Cambridge
Verlag Cambridge University Press
Ort/Verlag $c© 2018
Erscheinungsjahr 2018
Umfang XVIII, 282 Seiten
Notiz / Fußnoten Im Vorwort: "The conference took place in September 2013 at Sapienza University of Rome, and was followed by a second one there in June 2015 ... The preparatory work for the Roman conferences and the discussions that arose from them have resulted in this volume."
Titelhinweis Erscheint auch als (Online-Ausgabe): ‡Quarantotto, Diana: Aristotle's Physics Book I
ISBN ISBN 978-1-107-19778-7 Hardback
ISBN 978-1-316-64789-9 Paperback
ISBN 978-1-108-19567-6 PDF ebook
Signatur gri 900:a717:yb41/q91
Kurzbeschreibung This book provides a comprehensive and in-depth study of Physics I, the first book of Aristotle's foundational treatise on natural philosophy. While the text has inspired a rich scholarly literature, this is the first volume devoted solely to it to have been published for many years, and it includes a new translation of the Greek text. Book I introduces Aristotle's approach to topics such as matter and form, and discusses the fundamental problems of the study of natural science, examining the theories of previous thinkers including Parmenides. Leading experts provide fresh interpretations of key passages and raise new problems. The volume will appeal to scholars and students of ancient philosophy as well as to specialists working in the fields of philosophy and the history of science
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