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¬The¬ mind's eye: art and theological argument in the Middle Ages
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001 11986293X
100bHamburger, Jeffrey F. ¬[Hrsg.]¬
104bBoucher, Anne-Marie
200bPrinceton University / Department of Art and Archaeology
331 ¬The¬ mind's eye
335 art and theological argument in the Middle Ages
359 ed. by Jeffrey F. Hamburger and Anne-Marie Bouché
410 Princeton, NJ
412 Princeton Univ. Press [u.a.]
425 2006
433 XIV, 447 S. : zahlr. Ill.
501 Beitr. teilw. engl., teilw. franz. - Includes bibliographical references and index
516 Beitr. überw. engl., teilw. franz.
517 The place of theology in medieval art history: problems, positions, possibilities / Jeffrey F. HamburgerAnthropology and the use of religious images in the Opus Caroli Regis (Libri Carolini) / Karl F. Morrison -- Replica: images of identity and the identity of images in prescholastic France / Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak -- Is there a theology of the Gothic cathedral? a re-reading of Abbot Suger's writings on the abbey church of St.-Denis / Andreas Speer -- Christ and the vision of God: the Biblical diagrams of the Codex Amiatinus / Celia Chazelle -- Raban Maur, Bernard de Clairvauz, Bonaventure: expression de l'espace et topographie spirituelle dans les images médiévales / Christian Heck -- Typology and its uses in the moralized Bible / Christopher Hughes -- L'Exception corporelle: à propos de l'Assomption de Marie / Jean-Claude Schmitt -- Theologians as Trinitarian iconographers / Bernard McGinn -- Seeing and seeing beyond: the mass of St. Gregory in the fifteenth century / Caroline Walker Bynum -- Porous subject matter and Christ's haunted infancy / Alfred Acres -- Love's arrows: Christ as cupid in late medieval art and devotion / Barbara Newman -- Moving images in the mind's eye / Mary Carruthers -- Vox Imaginis: anomaly and enigma in Romanesque art / Anne-Marie Bouché -- Seeing as action and passion in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries / Katherine H. Tachau -- "As far as the eye can see...": rituals of gazing in the late middle ages / Thomas Lentes -- the medieval work of art: wherein the "work"? wherein the "art"? / Jeffery R. Hamburger -- Turning a blind eye: medieval art andt he dynamics of contemplation / Herbert L. Kessler.
540aISBN 0-691-12475-2 (cloth : alk. paper)
540aISBN 0-691-12476-0 (pbk. : alk. paper)
540aISBN 978-0-691-12475-9 : cloth : alk. paper
540aISBN 978-0-691-12476-6 : pbk. : alk. paper
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902g 208913092 Europa
902s 20888596X Christliche Kunst
902z |Geschichte 500-1500
902s 209132159 Theologie
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081 ¬The¬ mind's eye