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Script as image
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001 403748488
100 Hamburger, Jeffrey F.
331 Script as image
359 Jeffrey F. Hamburger
410 Paris [u.a.]
412 Peeters
425 2014
433 71 S. : zahlr. Ill.
435 31 cm
451 Corpus of illuminated manuscripts ; Vol. 21
454 Corpus van verluchte handschriften
455 21
501 Includes bibliographical references
540aISBN 978-90-429-3035-3
544 kun 168:b/h15
700 kun 168:b
700g|AM 53280
700g1270666355 AM 53300
700 bub 18
750 In the Middle Ages, writing conveyed far more than information. In contradistinction to the modern separation of image and text and, by implication, form and content, which was reified with the invention of printing, illuminated manuscripts made images out of words. In consonance with Christian doctrine, which declared that the Word had become flesh, letters painted on parchment assumed bodily presence to create effects of power and persuasion. Painted letters elicited modes of performance, oral recitation and ritual action. Far from calligraphic ornament or a medium with prescribed boundaries, medieval lettering reveals itself as a flexible instrument in which various categories of human experience and expression - the audible, the visible, the symbolic and the figurative - come together. Among the topics touched on by this book are display scripts, monograms, nomina sacra and carmina figurata, epigraphic inscriptions, chrysography and color, speech scrolls, relationships among author, scribe and artist as expressed through scripts, the anthropomorphic dimensions of abstract lettering, and the impact of iconic scripts on the reader
902s 208877517 Buchmalerei
902z |Geschichte 700-1400
902s 209103140 Schrift
902s 209595280 Ikon
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081 Hamburger, Jeffrey F.: Script as image